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Moat Lane, Abbots Ripton PE28 2PD UK

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March Madness

Posted on 26 March, 2015 at 10:34 Comments comments (287)
Hi everyone, March already!
Mad March hares, Easter eggs, sunshine, rain, SNOW! and of course the Solar Eclipse.
So, it was a normal day here, we all went out for walks a 'little' earlier , you know, just in case we saw anything.
Me and 5 muttlies off for a jaunty jog around the country lane and onto headlands of fields, watching them all chase rabbits down into holes in the ground, only to look up as if to where did that go?
On return its a shower down with the hosepipe, towel dry and then Breakfast, some eat before they arrive for day care, but as I cant leave any out, they get just a handful of biccies.
Now time for a nap - those 5 not me, I carry on and check on my piggies, replenish water bottles, bowls, food, pick a few up for cuddles, clean the garden and then its time for coffee.
(forgotten about eclipse at this point!)
 its now 9.20, I can hear the kettle whistling so go inside to make my coffee, I receive a text from my OH saying he thinks he's missed the eclipse (you and me both-forgot about it!) I take my coffee outside, its quite a mild day but cloudy, and look into the sky. I can hear the birds tweeting, the GP's purring and the dogs all snoring, then.....
its weird..... nothing, not a peep, not a tweet, purr, nor snore!
mmmmm brain has registered silence!
Sky gets darker, the 'sun' peeks out through a gap in the cloud, then hell on earth breaks out!
Dogs start having a howling and barking competition, the piggies start squealing ITS WEIRD!
then as quick as it became darker its got brighter again. the dogs returned back to sleep, pigs content, munching on their veggies and just the odd tweet from the birds around.... Did you and your pets experience anything at all during this time?...

ahh well... back to the invoicing.....
Catch ya later

Customer Feedback

Posted on 15 September, 2013 at 17:13 Comments comments (243)
hi everyone. Please feel free to leave your feedback here........


Posted on 10 July, 2012 at 16:04 Comments comments (267)
VERY EXCITED!!! have just been approached to advertise in a surgery magazine. I had been put forward because of fantastic reviews from my customers!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH-LETS KEEP IT LOCAL AND KEEP GODMANCHESTER BUZZING WITH LOCAL BUSINESS.

dog run update

Posted on 26 June, 2012 at 10:52 Comments comments (167)
Dog run is now installed along with the two outside kennels!! painting is a mission in progress (anyone with teens will know what I mean!)
the doggie area now covers 8ft by 14 foot! plus the added play area of 11ft x 10 ft
we kept some trees for the male doggies and will be linking electric pretty soon. my other half drew the line at curtains!!


Posted on 26 June, 2012 at 10:49 Comments comments (369)
CALL ME ON 07827275512 OR 01480413439 NEW HOME NUMBER OR EMAIL ME AS NORMAL ON [email protected]

June 19th

Posted on 19 June, 2012 at 16:38 Comments comments (389)
we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Cyprus but we soooo need another one now after a busy few weeks.
we have moved house, dogs, guinea pigs and fish all stress free....
then for the work to begin. we have been busy converting the rear of the garden into a 'doggy area' its is now nearly complete. it has been paved, fenced, a huge dog shed has been erected, along with 2 dog runs, my two love it out there sun bathing through the day and they refused to come in last night as it was so warm outside we allowed them to camp out.
I have had Murphy the dog this week for fun swims, walks and gambles through the countryside. pictures to follow.He is such a sweet chap.
the viewing panel has been done today so that the doggies can see us, and us them.
now we just got to get the grass to grow!

puppy socialising

Posted on 2 May, 2012 at 11:23 Comments comments (285)
Hi everyone, new to this blogging thing but will give it a go....
Tuesday -its raining AGAIN! I've now nicknamed the puppy Rottweiler 'rainy ruby' because it ALWAYS begins to rain as i jump in the car to go and collect her!. we went off to St Ives today to continue socialisation. we met lots of lovely people on our travels and Ruby seems to be relaxing around people in general. I took a pocket full of gravy bones and managed to work on 'heel' at the same time. Ruby was fascinated by the swans on the river and in particular a small pidgeon that had made its nest in a grate.
Thurs surprise surprise-ITS RAINING! ruby has her wellies on waiting for me her 'mum' says lol off we went to St Ives to work on crowds and people, we visited the bus station , the auction rooms and then visited the lovely people at Woodgreen charity shop, after a little grumble at people Ruby soon relaxed and started to show off a little by shaking hands with people she met (after all she gets a yummy treat for doing it)
 when we got home the postman came to visit and normally Ruby isnt too keen on him posting bills through her door but after I sat her down and gave postie some treats for her they said hello and all is well with Royal MAIL LOLnow what to do next week? perhaps a lovely visit to a school to see some kiddywinkies? lets see